Believe it or not, I started my post secondary career in a local grocery store. While I loved the organization of ordering and cashing customers out, I felt I was missing something. I then started to work at the SPCA which allowed me to gain experience working with different animals of colourful backgrounds. This experience gave me confidence in my search for a career which I could grow and adapt in. My mantra is “Change is inevitable”. While change can be scary, I challenged myself to find a career that I could make an even bigger difference in.

I was excited to join the ODVS team in 2017. My various roles here allow me to be analytical and to embrace change. Everyday is different! My impact on our patients here is more “behind the scenes”. I love being able to assist our RVTs and DVMs with whatever task they need. This might be cleaning, ordering the correct diets or medication, clinic maintenance, or, my personal favourite, ensuring your pet has the environment they need to be as low stress and comfortable as possible. My guilty pleasure is helping the RVT’s with X-rays -I find it fascinating! And, I get to cuddle the patients while the x-rays are being taken.

My four legged family is large. Working previously at the SPCA enabled me to start my collection of animals. I have three dogs; Jolene (Jack Russell), Jasmine (Labrador Retriever) and Solo (Dachshund). I also have two cats; Gandalf and Maya. And finally, I have a Chinese water dragon named Geeya. What a collection!

– Ashley, Client Services