What to expect during your pet’s RVT appointment during Covid-19

When you arrive your your pet’s appointment with the RVT, please follow the signs and drive to the side of the building. You will see a door with a sign saying “RVT Appointments Here!”. Please remain in your vehicle & TEXT (705-321-6010) your name and your pets name along with the type of vehicle you are in. We will reply to you within a few minutes! Remember: your dog must be on a leash and your cat must in a carrier! 

What you can expect next is one of our masked RVT’s to come out to your vehicle. Please meet them outside your vehicle with your pet. You can hand the RVT the leash from a safe distance, or place the carrier on the ground and give our team the space to pick it up safely. They will take your loved pet inside and give them all the attention they deserve! 

Your RVT will complete the appointment they were booked for, and either speak to you outside or call you on the number you texted with to go over any information needed. At this time, they will confirm payment type (credit card is preferred so we can do it over the phone) and review your invoice. 

Once your pet is finished with any treatments (or treats!), your RVT will bring them back out to you with any items to go home with!