What to expect for your pet’s surgery/procedure during Covid-19

When you arrive for your pets surgery or procedure, at the pre-booked time and date, please park out front in one of the designated eight parking spots. There is a sign in front of each parking spot that has a phone number to TEXT (705-321-6010). TEXT your name and your pets name along with the parking spot # you are in. We will reply to you within a few minutes! Remember: your dog must be on a leash and your cat must in a carrier! 

Expect a phone call the day before the procedure to discuss important information for the day. If we have not been able to contact you, when you arrive, we will call you on the number you texted us with to have this conversation. Any questions or concerns you have can be discussed at this time.

What you can expect next is one of our staff members to come out to your vehicle. Please meet them outside your vehicle with your pet. You can hand the masked staff member the leash from a safe distance, or place the carrier on the ground and give our team the space to pick it up safely. They will take your loved pet inside and give them all the attention they deserve! 

We will be in contact throughout the day with photo’s and updates to let you know how they are doing. We will also call you before the booked discharge appointment time to discuss how everything went, and to go over any home-care instructions.  At this time, they will confirm payment type (credit card is preferred so we can do it over the phone) and review your invoice. 

When you arrive to pick up your pet, text us as above and we will bring them out along with anything they need to go home with!