Shannon Lynn, RVT

Growing up, I always had many animals who were such a significant part of my big family! I now have a beloved Scottish Terrier named Bailey who really sparked my interest in veterinary medicine. When she was younger, we went to a veterinary clinic where I observed how stressed she was, and in turn how stressed that made me. The philosophy “nothing changes if nothing changes” rang through and I realized that while I wanted to be have a career in healthcare, I could really find my stride in veterinary medicine and provide the positive changes I wanted to see. Although that visit wasn’t a pleasant experience for Bailey, I was exactly where I needed to be so I could start my journey on making a difference in these pet’s lives. Fast forward to 2017, where I joined the ODVS team as a Registered Veterinary Technician. At ODVS, I can apply different techniques to help keep our patients and their owners more comfortable and less stressed. Whether I am in an exam room with my patients, or I am taking them through a procedure that keeps them with us for the day, I love knowing I play such a key part to keeping all pets comfortable throughout their visit/stay. As an RVT, I find myself enjoying being the primary caregiver for our hospitalized patients, and seeing cases all the way through – I thoroughly enjoy being part of your pets journey. I have a strong interest in medicine and using my skills to their full potential: placing IV catheters, intubating for surgical procedures or taking x-rays to help achieve a diagnosis, makes my day very rewarding.

At home, I have my Scottie dog, Bailey who keeps life interesting and my adorable cat Laci.

– Shannon Lynn, RVT

Shannon graduated from Georgian College in 2014. She brings to ODVS her intense knowledge and diverse skills gained from varying fields in veterinary industry. These includes being in the research field, emergency medicine and ophthalmology (eye) referral. Shannon has planted her roots here at ODVS, you will often see her in your appointments or caring for patients in the back.