Just as there are different types of pets, there are different types of clients. Ones that have had pets all their lives and ones that have never had a pet before. I love talking to both, and that’s why I love my client services position at ODVS.

The dynamics of the clients are great. They may stem from new owners who are always excited to ask questions and talk about their new pet, to owners that I have known and spoken to since joining our clinic. I have known many clients and patients from their very first visit!

Each time I answer a call, I hope that I have helped the client with what they needed. This may be booking an appointment or setting up a new file for their new pets, or answering questions or help find the right person to get them the answers to their concerns.

My pet family consists of 1 cat named Snowball and 1 dog named Honey. Snowball is white (of course) but has 2 different coloured eyes. He definitely rules the house. Honey is a Bassett Hound and loves all people and animals, she has her own fan club when she is out for her daily walks.

– Sandra, Client Services