Kaylin Smith, RVT

“If you want to be happy, be”. This is the principle on which I try to live my life both personally and professionally. I have always had a love for animals and wanted a career that incorporated them. I find being a Registered Veterinary Technician can be messy, dangerous and a ton of hard work; but, it’s very a rewarding career that I am always excited to return to the next day.

I began my career working at an emergency veterinary hospital where I performed treatments for patients with a variety of illnesses and injuries. It always felt good to improve their quality of life and make them, and their owners, happier. I made the transition from emergency medicine to general practice here at ODVS, with the goal to help prevent many of the issues that we saw at the emergency clinic. I enjoy interacting with a wide variety of pets and knowing that I am making an impact on their comfort and safety throughout all life stages. As an added bonus, I feel a great sense of family here! It’s great to be able to connect with the local community while immersing myself in the career I love.

At home, I have my terrier mix, Chewy, and my cat, Kirby. Chewy has been with me for 9 years, and we are still trying to teach him how to be a dog. Kirby has all your typical cat traits – including his favourite pastime of yelling at me at 5 in the morning for a snack. Good thing they are cute!

– Kaylin Smith, RVT

Kaylin graduated from Georgian College in 2016. Working at an emergency clinic from the first year of college, she was able to gain the skills necessary to pass the national exam and gain her RVT status in 2017. Kaylin joined our team at ODVS in early 2018 bringing her eclectic personality and skills with her. We are lucky to have her!