Quill Removal

We love being in the north! However, it does have some sharp drawbacks. Porcupine quill removal is a procedure that we provide to our clients. If your dog (or cat) ends up with some quills, please do not try to take them out at home. Quills are lodged much like fishhooks are. They have barbs which makes it not only painful, but tricky to pull out effectively without the proper training and tools. If you pull them out at home, you will be causing pain to your pet, making them anxious (which can turn into aggression). More likely, you will break the quill and only remove the half that is sticking out of area its lodged in. Quills that are left in the body can migrate, and in the best scenario, will be broken down by the body or make its way out a hole. However, the have the potential to cause infection and/or abscess, creating an even more expensive and painful procedure. If your pet meets up with a porcupine, give us a call to help you out!

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