Nursing Supportive Therapy

In many cases when your pet is undergoing a surgery or has an illness, they will need supportive therapy. Supportive therapy could range from IV fluids, assistance with mobility, wound or surgical care, seizure watch/intervention, or time in observation. Supportive therapy helps to increase the safety of your pet, helps them to feel better and recover faster. All of these patients are cared for under the watchful eyes of our Registered Veterinary Technicians and the overseeing Veterinarian. TLC is one of the many needed components to ensure that your pets stay has the lowest level of stress, great pain control, all while managing their current condition and working towards improvement. We pride ourselves in knowing that our patients are always treated like they are our own fur-children. A happy, comfortable patient always makes a better recovery. Please, come in today for a clinic tour to see where your pet will be staying. We want you to be comfortable leaving them in the very best hands.

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Dr. Moran, Dr. Rodd and Dr. Hanson along with the familiar support staff, always love to see an old friend, and welcome new ones! Please stop by to meet our friendly staff and come for a clinic tour! Visit the Products and Services page to see how we can be a part of your pet’s health care team!

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