Diagnostic & Routine testing

At Orillia and District Veterinary Services, we provide a range of diagnostic and routine test options for your pet. Your trusted Veterinarian will discuss which tests would be appropriate for your pet. This could include blood testing (blood taken by your Veterinarian or Registered Veterinary Technician), urine testing, skin cell scrapings, fecal or ear testing, breeding tests, aspirations of lumps or fluid, ultrasound, x-rays, EKG’s.. the list is endless! Testing is not done without a thorough conversation with you, the owner, having a great understanding of the process and costs associated. Most testing can be done in the same examination room with you as involved as you would like!

We are excited to be able to provide such extensive and reliable testing in a few different ways. Some of the tests are done in-house, completed by your Registered Veterinary Technicians. Other tests are sent out to an outsourced lab who picks up our samples twice a day. Your Veterinarian will received the results and interpret them in a timely manner. The turn-around time is generally 24 hours!  You will always receive a call the next day (or as soon as the results have arrived) no matter the results. As much as possible, we will email you a copy of the results for your records. All pricing is provided prior to any sample collection, to ensure you are comfortable and are as involved as possible in the decision and treatment plan process.

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