• Farley Celebration

    You did it!

    Thank you! You, our wonderful clients helped us raise $3519 during our 2017 Farley Foundation Fundraiser!!
    Together we can make a difference!

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  • Jenna Rodents1

    We now see even smaller friends!

    With the expansion of our team to include Dr. Jenna Hanson, ODVS is excited to be able to see small animal exotic species such as rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, chinchillas, rodents and hedgehogs. Call us today or click here to book an appointment!

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  • rehab banner5

    Rehabilitation Services!

    Just like us, our pets sustain injuries or aging changes that can limit or prohibit their movement. Come see us today so we can develop a program to increase their comfort level, and get back some of that lost movement and strength! Click here to learn more.

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  • Banner August

    Is your best friend protected?

    With the warmer weather here, we want to make sure that your whole family is protected.
    Call us today to help keep your best friend safe with easy to use parasite prevention!

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  • banner new

    We Welcome New Clients

    Dr. Moran and her associates Dr. Rodd and Dr. Hanson are always happy to meet new clients and patients. Call today to book an appointment or come in for a tour of the clinic located just off Horseshoe Valley Road.

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New Patients Welcome!
Dr. Moran, Dr. Rodd and Dr. Hanson are always happy to welcome new patients.
Call us today to make an appointment or to learn more about our hospital.

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